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Meet Twinkle

Cabin Crew Coach | Soft Skills Trainer | Youtuber |

Certified Makeup Educator

I started my aviation career in 2009 as a cabin crew with India's 5 star airline kingfisher Airlines where, I was introduced to the service and hospitality industry . After working as premium cabin crew and promoting the airline as an official brand ambassador for the airline for a few years, I moved to the middle east in 2012, where I started my golden journey as a cabin crew with the world's five star airline Qatar airways .I got the opportunity to train and coach individuals from around the world as a cabin supervisor for qatar airways inflight department .Being in  the aviation industry for over a decade has given me hands on experience as well as detailed expertise in recruitment and training.       

            Cabin crew recruitment can be very competitive and confusing, especially with the lack of  right knowledge & resources -I have been there and done that.

 My incredible passion for aviation and years of customer service experience has led me to create  this platform with a vision of providing the right information and guidance to aspiring cabin crew candidates reach their goal of becoming an International cabin crew .

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