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Elevate Your
Aviation Career

Embark on a journey of transformation that transcends the ordinary—your ticket to soaring in the skies as a confident and empowered cabin crew professional starts right here!

Does this sound like you?

  • Have constant rejections left you questioning your worth and capabilities?

  • Are you grappling with confusion about the right direction for your aviation career? 

  • Have you spent countless hours in trial and error, attempting different strategies to break into the competitive world of cabin crew careers, only to be met with frustration and setbacks?

  • Is the financial commitment to career development a source of concern?

  • Do you find it challenging to access insider knowledge and industry insights crucial for success in cabin crew recruitment?

We get it. We understand the challenges you face, and we're not here just to guide you but to propel you past those challenges toward unparalleled success.


Your journey is our journey, and together, we'll transform those pain points into stepping stones toward your dream career.


Meet your Coach


I'm Twinkle Anand, not just a coach but your personal navigator in the complex skies of aviation careers. 

I am a former flight purser with over a decade of flying experience in the world's five-star airline Qatar Airways, with a vision of providing the right platform to all the aspiring cabin crew. 

I firmly believe that every individual is different and so are their needs therefore, if you want the maximum out of your time and effort, you need to invest in the right training for you.

Is this what you desire?

  • You want to imagine a clear and purposeful career path, where each step takes you closer to becoming an outstanding cabin crew professional.

  • You want to feel confident not only in interviews but in every work situation, making you a capable and self-assured presence in the aviation industry.

  • You want to not just overcome challenges but actually thrive in them.

  • You want to have a strong presence, whether you're in a cabin crew setting, a networking event, or a professional gathering.

  • You want to see your work life seamlessly align with your personal dreams, creating a fulfilling career that goes beyond just a job.

Then, this is your sign to trust in forming an association with me, and allow me to help you make this dream a reality for you, seamlessly!

Hear it from the best people

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This is what you learn inside

Week 01: Setting the Foundation

Session 01: Embark on your aviation journey with Induction, Welcome, Icebreaker, and dispelling Myths and misconceptions.

Session 02: Dive into the application process, stages, newsletters, and document essentials while tackling medical concerns.

Week 03: Polishing Your Image

Session 05: Elevate your presence with grooming tips, formals, makeup, skin, and hair products, and essentials.

Session 06: Participate in a live makeup session, address doubts, and prepare for the basics of cabin crew questions.

Week 05: Building Interpersonal Skills

Session 09: Develop rapport, understand the halo effect, and master day 1 body language to create killer first impression.

Session 10: Explore etiquette, behavior, and simulations for basic questions.

Week 07: Practical Application of Skills

Session 13: Engage in roleplay, de-escalation techniques, and discussions on online and offline tests.

Session 14: Develop skills in extempore and public speaking.

Week 02: Crafting Your Professional Identity

Session 03: Master resume building, cover letters, bullet points, and checklists for a standout application.

Session 04: Optimize your LinkedIn profile, refine photos with a Phototool kit, and review your current image.

Week 04: Mastering Initial Impressions

Session 07: Learn to introduce yourself, handle icebreaker questions, and ask the right questions at each stage.

Session 08: Dive into doubt sessions on basic Interview Questions and create your own personalized interview questions booklet

Week 06: Navigating Group Dynamics

Session 11: Understand recruiters take on group dynamics, Group Task types, and discussion initiators for GD stages.

Session 12: Learn how to approach tasks, do’s & and don'ts, and dialogues for a successful assessment.

Week 08: Enhancing Communication Skills

Session 15: Immerse yourself in group activities, picture perception tests, and enhanced communication.

Session 16: Participate in an ESL trainer class.

Week 09: Building Confidence and Preparing for the Final Lap

Session 17: Boost confidence, address fears, and delve into the final interview do’s and don'ts with STAR techniques.

Session 18: Receive a STAR cheatsheet with 12 skills and ace 100+ situational questions

Week 11: Mastering Nonverbal Communication

Session 21: Explore nonverbal communication nuances.

Session 22: Dive into body language with case study activities.


Week 10: Fine-tuning Responses

Session 19: Address doubts on situational questions.

Session 20: Tackle doubts on behavioral questions.

Week 12: Final Preparation and Mock Interview

Session 23: Learn the ins and outs of video interviews, AI roles, and specific questions.

Session 24: Engage in a final mock interview.

What's stopping you from making this decision?

Financial Worries?

  • We provide flexible payment options and EMI plans.

  • Your investment is not just in the program but in yourself.

  • We aim to make your commitment financially manageable.

Limited Time?

  • Our program is designed to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule.

  • Don't let time constraints hinder your pursuit of a successful aviation career.

  • We tailor our coaching to ensure it complements your lifestyle and commitments.

Already Enrolled Somewhere Else?

​Explore the distinctive value we offer in:

  • Group Dynamics

  • Communication Skills

  • Interview Preparation

  • Body Language Mastery

  • Grooming Techniques

Our program goes beyond the ordinary, addressing specific aspects crucial to your success in the aviation industry.

Don't let another rejection or moment of uncertainty dictate your narrative.

Secure your spot now and be part of a transformative journey that propels you into the stratosphere of cabin crew excellence.

Reach out to me if you have any query and I will personally get back to you.

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